Monthly Archives: October 2009

I’m running at super speed trying to catch up on editing, but I will try and write more later about this AWESOME wedding Ben & Jessica had. Really good stuff… Photography as unique to you as your signature.

Showing up to the session was the first I’d ever met Brad…but by the end of the session, I’m sure he felt like I was his annoying older sister. hahahahahaha Brad’s probably shaking his head…yessss. 🙂 He was a ton of fun and his interesting hobbies sure made for a senior session full of personality….

It’s been over a year now since they’ve had a proper session!!!! About flippin’ time! This is what happens when you walk around in a open field without looking where you step. YUK! Photography as unique to you as your signature.

A while back, I went with some friends to visit the Image Gallery to check out an exhibit that had work done by a couple photographers I’ve met and admire. It seemed to unlock a corner in my brain that never really thought about photographing someone or something for myself…for a purpose…for an idea. A…

I HEART my Terry & Travis!!!! Someone at the reception told me that Terry and Travis have grown to looking quite alike…can you see the resemblance? Brian…watch your back. hahahahahaha I HEART HOLLY!Amanda…thank you again and again and again for filling in for Matt on such short notice. I award this last one as the…