Monthly Archives: August 2010

Commercial Photography: TOYTECHS, LLC

Last week I managed to get myself up and out of the house early early early to go visit TOYTECHS before the sun reached the front of their building.  It just so happened that there was a little crazy weather brewing and the clouds were looking awesome.  Definitely made for a nice, impacting image of…

Wedding Dress Fun Kansas City: Sarah in Summer

Last, but not least…the Summer collection of Sarah.  This was definitely a session to finish with a bang.  We had really wanted to do the “summer” scene on a beach…and as you may know, Kansas/Missouri lacks a good beach scene.  My first thought was Olathe Lake…the place that as a teenager, I would go to…

Childrens Portraits: My little monsters

Once again, I have gone quite a while without giving my own family the attention I give my clients…so last week, I spontaneously thew a bunch of stuff in the car, tossed the kids in the back, and drove around without a location in mind.  This thrown together session was inspired by realizing that I…

Wedding Dress Fun Kansas City : Sarah in Spring5

First came Fall, then Winter…now a super delayed Spring…art imitating life, I guess. 🙂 Um…hello….you’re in my shot! hahaha  …I thought I’d share this one to illustrate how creepy-close we get sometimes. Sarah thought it was pretty hilarious. 🙂