Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hello cutie!  Meet Gavin. Brand new baby boy of one of the coolest couples of all time…Brandon and Pooja. Check it out…Brandon got a second use for his Indian headdress.  🙂

My niece.  The Mila Monster.  I love this sweet little face and chubby legs.  🙂 I’ve seen this look before….she got it from her mama.  🙂

Here’s a first for me…an ALL Black & White image post!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black & White because it offers a simple and emotion-focused view.  It also seems timeless…which is exactly what I think about when I think about Julie & Chris’s family.  So…I’m pumping up the monochromatic love for this session.  🙂 Also…check…

Kirsten and Nate were my gorgeous 2009 wedding couple who have recently had their next great adventure….Parenthood. Meet Amelia. Congratulations Kirsten & Nate!!!  Hope you are getting some rest and spending lots of time with your new little girl.

Happy. are. they. Erin & Chris got married…in total happiness.  Surrounded by happiness. Makes me smile. Ok…I just want it known that this apparently is “a guy thing”.  I first saw this “procedure” about a year ago when Matt and I were getting ready to go shoot a wedding.  Matt (always Mr. Perfectionist when it…