The Stanley | Wedding | Alex + Corey

I first met Alex many years ago.  I was a 2nd shooter for my dear mentor, Gregg Hejna, and Alex was his assistant (Bag boy, haha).  And thus began my adventures in mental torture of Alex.  Don’t get it wrong, he threw it right back at me.  It was a fun game of evil looks and sly comments all throughout the wedding day.

When he first contacted me to tell me he was getting married and wanted me to photograph his wedding…of course my first comment to him was “You actually tricked someone into marrying you?”  HAHAHA .  And then I met Corey, and she turns out to be a beautiful and quite normal individual…and then I said to him, “So you’re marrying up.”  All joking aside, they couldn’t be more adorable of a couple.  I am so honored to have been their choice to capture their special day.  All the feels!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the customizing they did, especially with the jewelry.  Corey had Alex’s ring engraved “And Dat Butt…Hot!”  which is their tag line.

Like I said…the jewelry was super special.  Corey’s mom surprised her with custom jewelry, specially made to have (hopefully I get this part right) a piece of her mother’s dress (blue) underneath a lace piece of her grandmother’s wedding dress on top.  SO pretty.  Again…ALL THE FEELS!

That dress…….stunning.

Alex (aka:  King of facial expressions)


And who knew Alex could be so damn sweet!  Like I said…they are adorable together.

And I might be just a bit obsessed with the bridemaids…and their ridiculous cool dresses!

I love that Alex’s sister was his best person.  She rocked her navy blue attire…giving those boys some competition on the good looks.

On the left:  Brother and Sister expressing their close relationship. HAHA

On the right:  I lovely refer to this as “The Three Stooges”  I’m cracking up remembering them doing this as they tried to figure out where to stand.

I love walking around when taking pictures…got to have some fun with the area.

Another example of the awesome jewelry.

Now here’s the Alex I know. 😉

This might be my favorite piece of jewelry.  A little tribute to those remembered.  …and it made Alex cry.  BONUS!

You know it’s a cool family when the Groom fist-bumps his mom as he enters the reception.

And Chewbacca was a guest.

Well, they did it.  They got married.  Corey had her chance to escape…now she’s stuck with Alex.  😉

Congrats to them and I know they are going to have a happy lifelong marriage!


Getting Ready Location :  The Browning Bed & Breakfast

Ceremony & Reception Venue :  The Stanley

The Wedding Coordinator :  Miranda of Belle Journee KC

Videographer :  Eric Morrison

DJ :  Rusty Turner

Catering :  Taylor Made Catering