Westport | Graduate | Sarah

Congratulations to Nurse Sarah!

I personally know how hard…how difficult… and how much dedication it takes to go through the process in any area of the medical field.  This was not easy.  This was a huge accomplishment.  I’m so happy to have met this beautiful chica and help celebrate her new life event.  She’s going to be absolutely awesome!

I’ve only known one person from New Zealand, but that lady is like a super model…and super smart.  Sarah reminded me of her….and I kept telling her I was photographing her like the New Zealand super model she was.  This random guy agreed…came and gave her a high five.  Although he also thought she needed a ukulele.  Not sure he knew his countries.  But he recognized beauty.  🙂

…a little funny…hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.  This should be a nurse motto.  🙂

Another funny moment…I kept having her look at different objects…and I’d call them men’s names…I did this all throughout the session.  Got her all flirtatious.   Then this guy walked by..and I said “Hey! look at that guy”.  Then I asked him his name.  His name was Matt.  Which is hilarious probably only to me…because of all the guys’ names I’d call out…Matt never came to mind.  HAHAHAHAHA . This guy came over to photobomb.

On to a fabulous career doing good and helping people in need.  I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again…never met a Sarah I didn’t LOVE.