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Meet William.

Newest member of the Denton house…and much less furry than the other children of the home.

Here’s the other children of the home. See…much furrier.Although, I do adore William’s hair.  It’s such a beautiful color and he’s got plenty of it.He’s even got a little fuzzy mustache!  And he’s already got attitude towards Dad. HAHALOVE BABY BOTTOMS!Um…yeah…did I mention the attitude towards Dad?  Well here’s some more photographic proof.No better honor than to have wedding clients turn into lifelong clients and friends.  It’s always surreal to me to watch two people create a home and grow a family.  It happens everyday…it happened to me…but it’s still captivating when you really let it sink in. It’s an awesome thing to experience.

Congratulations Ben & Jessica!  You’ve made such a beautiful home and baby.  Thanks for inviting me to document another big milestone.