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Well it looks like Brooke (Aka:  Tiny) finally got tired of being the tiniest…and made herself a tiny human.

Meet Liam.

I met this cute-giggly-tiny-24-yr-old Brooke in this Paramedic Program in 2015…and now she’s this even-more-cute-giggly-tiny-26-yr-old Mother.  Two years feels like such a very short time to have so many big life changes.  Motherhood definitely looks good on her though.  Makes me happy to see her happy.
A kick to the face….literally.
If this kid’s smile doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.
Him: “What do we do with our hands?”

Me: “Hold hands.”

Him:  “What do we do with our arms?”

Me:  “Whatever feels natural.”

…um…sorry Brooke.  HAHAHA
Sometimes you just need to put a plug in it. HAHAHAI thought I was being clever by scheduling this session for the morning.  Beat the summer heat.  …well, we beat the triple digit temperatures but not the humidity.  OH THE HAIR!!!!
Yeah Liam…I’m right there with you.  That’s how I feel about Nature, too.  Lots of Ew.And this is the face I received by the end of the HOT session.  Someone is not amused.  CRACKS ME UP THOUGH!!!!Congrats Tiny to your sweet Teeny Tiny!