Ok folk.  This is one of my favorite families of all time.  It’s been a hot minute since the last time I’ve photographed them, so it’s with great awe to see how much they’ve grown.  These kids, who most of them I’ve known since they were born, are HUGE now!  Oh…and let me not forget the wonderful woman who worked hard to lay a thick guilt trip and get the family all together for this session.  Karla!  This was a special birthday treat for her.  Happy Birthday!

Right here…this is #lifegoals.  I love how they love each other.  So sweet!I sort of went crazy with the funny GIFS on this session.  Couldn’t help myself.  I love them all so much and they crack me up!This right here…this is pretty much exactly me/my daughter/ my son.  Yup.Ladies…I think we can all relate to this visual analogy of dealing with husbands.Once upon a time, these ladies made me work a little harder to capture their cute faces.  Now…with a little help from Grandpa acting like a barnyard animal behind me…SUCCESS!  Thanks Grandpa!RAWRRRR!!!  Good lookin’ family alert!And…this family.  This is where it all started.  This loud-mouthed, super awesome girl I worked with in the Dean’s office in college was engaged for like a decade (slightly exaggerated, but not much, haha) and she saw something in my photography…enough to invite me and my camera to her wedding.  Thus a long friendship was born.  <3These kids pretty much explode with personality.  Just sayin’.
Oh…and…this.  I’m going to keep this image forever on the internet.  This superstar swimmer will hopefully remember me when he’s famous and maybe let me photograph his photo for the Wheaties box.

Round 4

That’s right.  4th Pregnancy.  Kyle and Ashley are insane!

But their insanity looks adorable!  I cannot even accurately count how many times I’ve photographed them and their growing family…but this was one for the records.  They went from struggling to start a family to having 4 babies!  Craziness.  So happy for this gang.

Well ladies and gentleman…what you have seen thus far was about 10 minutes of shooting.  My camera was just getting warmed up…everyone was looking lovely…we were about to soak ourselves in some beautiful natural light for even more sweet family pictures…but Victor decided he was done.  To make sure he got the point across…well…he let mom know.OMG!  EW!  …though the session was done, Ashley’s humor was not.  And, if you have had kids or are currently raising kids…you are nodding your head in solidarity.  Life happens.  You just have to go with it.Congrats to the Lackey family on the newest member of the family!

Meet William.

Newest member of the Denton house…and much less furry than the other children of the home.

Here’s the other children of the home. See…much furrier.Although, I do adore William’s hair.  It’s such a beautiful color and he’s got plenty of it.He’s even got a little fuzzy mustache!  And he’s already got attitude towards Dad. HAHALOVE BABY BOTTOMS!Um…yeah…did I mention the attitude towards Dad?  Well here’s some more photographic proof.No better honor than to have wedding clients turn into lifelong clients and friends.  It’s always surreal to me to watch two people create a home and grow a family.  It happens everyday…it happened to me…but it’s still captivating when you really let it sink in. It’s an awesome thing to experience.

Congratulations Ben & Jessica!  You’ve made such a beautiful home and baby.  Thanks for inviting me to document another big milestone.

Well it looks like Brooke (Aka:  Tiny) finally got tired of being the tiniest…and made herself a tiny human.

Meet Liam.

I met this cute-giggly-tiny-24-yr-old Brooke in this Paramedic Program in 2015…and now she’s this even-more-cute-giggly-tiny-26-yr-old Mother.  Two years feels like such a very short time to have so many big life changes.  Motherhood definitely looks good on her though.  Makes me happy to see her happy.
A kick to the face….literally.
If this kid’s smile doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.
Him: “What do we do with our hands?”

Me: “Hold hands.”

Him:  “What do we do with our arms?”

Me:  “Whatever feels natural.”

…um…sorry Brooke.  HAHAHA
Sometimes you just need to put a plug in it. HAHAHAI thought I was being clever by scheduling this session for the morning.  Beat the summer heat.  …well, we beat the triple digit temperatures but not the humidity.  OH THE HAIR!!!!
Yeah Liam…I’m right there with you.  That’s how I feel about Nature, too.  Lots of Ew.And this is the face I received by the end of the HOT session.  Someone is not amused.  CRACKS ME UP THOUGH!!!!Congrats Tiny to your sweet Teeny Tiny!

I’ve been sooooooo excited for this wedding…and to show off these images!

I’ve known and photographed Tyler for 12 years.  He is a true gentleman.  When he brought Kenna to the family photo session last fall, it was so obvious…he was the happiest man on Earth.  And on this day…their wedding day…if there is something more than happiest man on Earth, than that is what he was.  The temperature outside was near record breaking heat…the hotel’s AC was broken…the venue’s AC was broken.  Didn’t matter.  You could not slap the smile off his face if you tried.  At one point we were standing in the lobby of a hotel, and hovering around a water cooler, throwing back shots of water…..Tyler says “…I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for her.”  THAT, MY FRIENDS, is the kind of love I crave to photograph.

Because of the heat…Tyler was a smart cookie and decided to bring 2 white shirts so that he had one to change into before the ceremony if he sweated through the first one.  Little did he know that his beautiful Bride was using one of the shirts to wear while getting ready.  He was convinced she was going to get it dirty. 

His reaction to her wearing one of his shirts.  But like a good husband….he’d do anything for her. …oh..and that shirt came out unharmed.  Documented PROOF.  🙂Proud PapaRAWRRR!!!!I adore the way he looks at her.  It’s the sweetest thing!B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!Well hello handsome“Hello Ma’am…”Did I mention the AC was broken in the hotel AND the venue?  About the only hint of relief was next to the window unit…so that’s where they stood having their pizza lunch.LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ALL ARE!!!!!  LOVE!!!!Oh…and someone forgot to tell me that PURE AWESOMENESS was going to occur during the reception.  One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen at a wedding.  Tyler and Kenna performed the EPIC Dirty Dancing scene to PERFECTION!!!!
Besides Tyler and Kenna killing it on the dance floor, just as amazing was their team of dancers!  It was CRAZY AWESOME!The best part!I adore you guys…CONGRATS!