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Kansas City | Lifestyle | William

Meet William. Newest member of the Denton house…and much less furry than the other children of the home. Here’s the other children of the home. See…much furrier.Although, I do adore William’s hair.  It’s such a beautiful color and he’s got plenty of it.He’s even got a little fuzzy mustache!  And he’s already got attitude towards…

Overland Park | Lifestyle | Newborn Jack

#bestdayeversequel I feel like he already knows sign language…but I do not.  Cool points to the person who can tell me what this gesture in ASL is.  I feel like it looks like the letter “I”. Remember when you were a kid and would be so excited to find the surprise toy in the bottom…

Kansas City | Engagement | Lacy + Mike

Recognize these good lookin’ mugs?  Yes yes…my camera was quite happy to see Lacey, Natalynn, and Mike again.  AND, as a huge bonus, this was a multipurpose session.  They are celebrating Lacey and Mike’s engagement AND the future newest addition to the family. They crack me up!  I LOVE ’em! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA My gosh…Natalynn has grown…

Gladstone | Family | Kyle + Ashley + London

Welcome LONDON!!! How awesome are the framed art behind them!?!?!  …made with love by mama. I would say this is Kyle & Ashley’s first baby…but don’t forget Bob…their rambunctious kitty. …or their two pups…here’s one now. Hahaha…I love it…baby got back.  🙂 Congratulations Kyle & Ashley!  You make excellent offspring! 🙂

Kansas City | Children | Mila

My niece.  The Mila Monster.  I love this sweet little face and chubby legs.  🙂 I’ve seen this look before….she got it from her mama.  🙂