A little background on Matt

Matt's career was spawned from Click Photography, in 2007, when his position was "BB" (AKA, Bag Bitch).  He came along to a Mexico Destination Wedding and a chance opportunity was presented to him.  Due to a legal limitation given by the resort, Matt was handed a camera and instantly became a 2nd shooter for the day.  Upon reviewing his images, Click Photography discovered that Matt had a true eye for photography and a raw talent that NEEDED to be exposed. He was promoted to being a full-time 2nd shooter almost immediately.  He worked hard and suffered brutal harassment from his boss (AKA, His Wife), and then after shooting a wedding in 2010 with a bunch of Asians...those pesky Asians recognized Matt's talent and thought that his treatment at Click Photography was more like Slave treatment.  They convinced the large Mammoth creature that he was worth more and recommended he branch off to create Right Click Photography.  It was the American Dream at its truest form.  His slavery ended and a new era of Right Click Photography was born.  Since then, he still occasionally works with Click Photography, but he talks back to his boss (AKA, His Wife) a whole lot more.  Mostly because he's got a Right Click Photography fan base (including a Tisdale) that likes to provoke him into such behavior.  He is perfectly content with life currently.


Here's a few more things about Matt.  :)

  • Matt used to be a happy guy.  But after years of marriage to Christine, and a young career as a paramedic-firefighter, he currently has a negative outlook on the world and is labeled "A Grumpy Old Man".
  • Matt's favorite drink is just about anything with Whiskey.  Or beer.  Or vodka.  Or really anything with more than a 4.9% alcohol concentration. 
  • Matt is 100% Meathead.  He works out everyday that he possibly can work out.  And it's really annoying because he usually makes one of his family members work out with him.  Usually it's his Wife.  Who he is constantly saying that she's getting fat and needs to wear a cow bell.  (...hahaha...it's terrible..I know...but there's a funny story behind this)
  • Matt slaps the bass every chance he gets....which is usually after he hits the gym.  He will play his bass guitar very loudly, to make sure his family notices, and then ask "What do you think?  Sound good?"...to which his family must answer "Yes" ...otherwise, Matt will stomp off and go pout.  (True story)
  • Matt is 3rd generation Toyota Mechanic.  His grandfather was a Toyota technician.  His father is a master Toyota Technician.  So naturally, Matt became a Toyota technician.  Every family get together at our house looks like a used Toyota car lot.  We pretty much only buy Toyotas.
  • Matt is the son of a former preacher. 
  • Matt got an older girl pregnant when he was 15 years old.  This did not go over well with his father.  Did I mention he was a former preacher?
  • He impregnanted the girl next door who was only 2 years older, however about 4 school grades advanced.  She was very very embarrassed to have to leave her high school (As a Senior) to go pick up her boyfriend (A Freshman) at his Junior High School.  He thought he was the shit.
  • Matt has a fear of glitter...which is actually called Sparklelaphobia.  People who love him most enjoy throwing glitter on him at every chance they get.
  • Matt's fellow firefighters have nicknamed him "Zoolander"...since they found out (from his Wife) that he has done some male modeling in the past.  He is a pretty boy after all.
  • Matt would be 400lbs if he had a limitless supply of Reeces Peanut Butter cups.  Seriously.  The man has an adiction. 
  • Matt loves winter skiing...even though he's really not good at it.  He's really good at falling.  He's like a pro-faller.
  • Matt is a beauitiful human being...but his aging process has left him with a thinning bald spot and unnaturally thin ankles.  To which his family is sure to make fun of every chance they get.
  • Oh....and Matt's pretty much the best husband and father that ever lived.  So there's that. 
  • This bio-page was created by his boss (AKA, His Wife).